Flu jab – gives me a cold

As I have no spleen, I am offered an annual winter flu jab. Which seems to be a great idea, all the people that I speak to who have had them, didn’t appear to have any symptoms, except maybe a painful arm due to the injection. However, those who haven’t had a flu jab before generally seem to suck their breath between their teeth in a  way that doesn’t install me with confidence.  So I go to see the Nurse with a positive attitude based on those that had the injection, but make the appointment on a Friday with the view that if I do have a reaction then I will be ill over the weekend rather than whilst at work.

The injection is fine, my arm isn’t painful, and I have a lovely Friday. But during the evening I develop a sore throat and feel the glands in my neck beginning to ache. Saturday I awake with a sore throat, sore glands and blocked painful sinuses. I keep reminding myself, this is just like a cold, it isn’t the flu and it will soon be over. It’s nothing that a few paracetamol, plenty of fluids and rest can’t sort out….hopefully 😀

It’s Sunday and I wake up feeling no better, my head is so very painful, but at least my body feels fine. Just been to see what I have in the kitchen that I can juice which is; grapefruit, lime, orange, lettuce and carrot – which actually sounds quite appealing 🍊
I find out afterwards that cold like symptoms are a side effect of the flu jab, but of course nothing like flu or the complications flu can cause, trying to be positive whilst feeling totally rubbish.

There is an irony, in that I didn’t react to any other preventative injections that I have had this year which have included: pneumococcus, meningococcus, haemophilus influenza, typhoid and tetanus!

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