Seasonal Living

I have been reflecting this month on what it would be like to live more in tune with the seasons. A few years ago I had a wonderful Yoga teacher, known as Yoga Dan, whose classes followed the seasons, so that from late Summer the classes contained more restful poses until the Winter solstice which was just pure relaxation. Then as we entered into Spring they became more dynamic until mid Summer when they were just one continuous flow of energy and movement.

imageSo, as I move into the Winter months, being aware of what is going on outdoors gives me an indication of how I should be living too. The hedgehogs in our garden have hibernated, trees have been stripped bare of their leaves, plants have died back, there is less and less daylight and generally there is a sense of stillness and rest.

As I travel to and from work in the dark, finding sometime to be outside during daylight just to be aware of the weather isn’t so easy. Which leaves me with the weekends. Other than walking in sunshine, I love walking into dusk. I leave home half and hour before sunset and return home 45 minutes later. This for me is such a magical time of the day, with the atmospheric changes in light. However, winter is not the easiest season to be inspired to venture into but as Sir Ranulph Fiennes is quoted as saying;

“There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing”

So I just need to remind myself that with a few layers of warm and water proof clothing, I have no excuse for not getting out there and experiencing these amazing winter months. And hopefully I will get enough sunlight to boost my Vitamin D levels too 😎

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