Why am I here?

The meaning of life aside – I am here to collate all those random life notes and ideas that, in my case, usually end up on the back of envelopes; underlined in books; or ripped out of magazines. Which for some reason I am never able to collate into a useable source of information, let alone index and find again. This has become even more pertinent for me this year, as since having had major surgery to remove a tumour from my pancreas, I am looking for a way to explore some of the thoughts and ideas that have been thrown up and to see how I can improve both my health and fitness whilst on a restricted diet.

I have never considered writing to be ‘my thing’, in fact following a series of tests for a new job I was bluntly told I would never be a journalist, just as well I was going for a Sales Admin role!  So I am fascinated to see how this blog will unfold.

Anyway, back to the present and the topics I am interested in exploring are the things that I can do to support my pancreas, immune system, general health and well being. Things like nutrient rich food, tai chi, free form dance, meditation and compassion are some of the topics that spring to mind, but I am sure that there is so much more out there to enjoy and appreciate 🙂

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  1. I also started doing yoga, dance, meditation and learning compassion (being compassionate towards myself strangely enough was much harder than being compassionate towards others) and all these things helped to free me, balance me, find focus, confidence and peace. Not everywhere all the time but often in many places 🙂

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