Are you ready?

I say again are you ready? Off you go, shutting the door behind you, out into the world of your daily life. But what you don’t know is that you will not be going home tonight. Because you will be in hospital.

Don’t panic, in hospital you will be looked after, your pain and symptoms are being managed, but you need to stay overnight for monitoring and so they can do some tests tomorrow.

It’s the middle of the night you are awake and worried, so what do you do? The blessing of modern technology is that you will probably have a phone with you, great you can put on that fabulous mellow / relaxing playlist you created so you can drift off to sleep.

The next morning your head is foggy with medication you are waiting for more tests. Where are all those photos that make you smile? Of course, you have a folder of favourites which you can flick through smiling at all those wonderful/mad/crazy/family/pet photos.

You know smiling, positivity and happiness has been proven to benefit health and longevity, as you remember you read an article about it

And so as the day goes on you find all those uplifting quotes you had filed away, then its onto your favourite YouTube clips like
Before you know it your lovely consultant is sitting on the end of your bed, reassuring you that your condition was just one of those things, that happens some time, but nothing to worry about and no lasting effects.

You leave surprisingly upbeat, you were ready. Unlike me, you had everything to hand to inspire and keep yourself upbeat, positive, calm and happy.

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