Laughter the best medicine

I have just been updating my ‘About’ page today and realised that I am just way too serious. Aside from taxes, there are 2 things in life that we definitely can’t escape – sickness and death, but what about all the great stuff in between?

During the previous week of the blogging101 course, I have read a couple of blogs that have made me laugh out loud, and that is what I have realised that I need more of in my life those ‘lol’ moments when you end up crying with laughter or hysteria or both.

So thank you to Kidscrumbsandcrackers for making me laugh 😂 I had forgotten how much I need it.



  1. It certainly is , the best medicine. And you shall find it in ample doses here. 🙂 Lisa’s blog is one, as you have already discovered. Also,
    Check out these posts by David Rovert – and
    Another amazing one is Sandra – and many others.. but I shall let you discover the rest on you own 🙂

    Wait, am I even allowed to do this? Please feel free to delete my comment, if this in the realm of spam. 😦 But do check out these blogs first 🙂


    1. Thanks so much for the links, I look forward to reading them. Trying to search ‘something that will make me laugh’ doesn’t seem to work, I wonder why?! So hearing about what makes you and others laugh is fab. Thank you.

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