The man in my fridge

Let me introduce you to Pedro, he has been living in my fridge since April. Twice a week he comes out of the fridge to warm up for a couple of hours whilst he is fed flour and water, before being returned to his favourite cool environment to ferment.

Yes, Pedro is my sourdough culture. He already had a name when he was given to me by my sister and it took me a little while to understand the whole naming thing. But what I have realised is that it is so much easier to remember to feed something when you personalise it with a name!

Interestingly, when I am ready to make the fabulous Rye and Caraway Sourdough recipe that came with him, all of a sudden he becomes known as the ‘sourdough culture’, again.

So do you have a name for the colony of microorganism you have living in your fridge?!!!! 😀

A few interesting things about sourdough; it is the oldest form of leavened bread in the world; it is low in GI; it produces a lower glucose and insulin response than other bread; its more easy to digest than other breads due to the fermentation process which also enables the body to absorb vitamins and minerals more efficiently. Research is also beginning to show that sourdough may even be safe for coeliac patients.

Rye sourdough with sunflower and carraway seeds

Rye sourdough with sunflower and caraway seeds




  1. Just noticed the name of my blog on the sidebar… THANK YOU! 🙂
    Also, I loved the idea of naming things. I may stat naming my cooking utensils to start out…


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