Adapt and improvise – when cooking?!!

Adapt and improvise has become my new motto when following a recipe.

Not so long ago I had a selection of favourite cooks like Ottolenghi, Nigel Slater, Deliciously Ella and Jamie Oliver whose recipes I would follow substituting the occasional ingredient or missing it out completely if I didn’t like it, or more to the point it wasn’t in the cupboard. Then this year my diet had to change drastically and I ended up with recipe books titled: Low Fat Cooking, Vegetarian Cooking Without and The Wheat and Dairy Free Cookbook and it wasn’t that the recipes were bad, it was the titles – the sense of lack, of not being able to have. I was missing the juiciness.

So I decided to be bold and to go back to my favourite cooks and their recipes and to adapt them to my diet. Which, shall we say, has been interesting. Everything has been edible in the sense that it has been cooked, always a good start, but certainly not conventional or presentable!

However, I haven’t given up, my recipe books are now scribbled all over with notes/comments/substitutions and I actually think it is this improvisation that has enabled me to being to enjoy cooking more, it is becoming more playful and interesting especially as I never quite know what I will be eating for dinner!

What is your most successfully adapted recipe?


  1. In my case, it was trying my hand at baking a cheesecake with the ingredients I happened to have at home at that time. Unfortunately some of the missing ingredients turned out to be the key ones 😛 :D. So there was no cheesecake and we were back to take out 😛

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  2. I’m in awe of folk who are good cooks and enjoy planning and cooking – I’m very boring in the kitchen 😳 I guess my most successfully adapted recipe is substituting my stir fry with the Chinese take away up the road 😁 I do make a wicked cup cake 😊

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