Singing Dancing Christmas Tree

I stopped off at Sainsbury’s on my way into work this morning – to buy a singing dancing Christmas tree for my desk – yes, it has to be done. However, there was more than just one singing dancing item this year, so I lined up everything on one shelf which included; a penguin, a santa, a Christmas tree, and a whole scene with santa, reindeer, tree, present and bunny . I then set each one off into their individual Christmas song and dance routines, which caused a bit of a crowd as other shoppers couldn’t  help but see what was going on. It was a fabulous display until the Christmas tree, turned and moved, pushing everything else off the shelf.  I hadn’t realised that the tree had wheels underneath and actually moved along. At this point I was crying hysterically with laughter. What a fantastic way to start the day – go on give it a go – I highly recommend it.

I did take a video of what I bought but sadly can’t find a way to embed it yet, but hopefully will before Christmas 🙂


  1. Congratulations on buying singing , Christmas tree, that has got wheels, made you lough, will love to see, video too.


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