Who are you when no one else is looking?

Who are you when no one else is looking?

This was a question a friend recently asked me, which has created a thought provoking week. It was something she had contemplated for about a week too coming to the conclusion the she was JOY.

Interestingly the first thing that came to my mind was ouch, am I a different person when no one is looking. So I watched myself for a few days mainly when I was alone to see what my underlying state of being was. And it was “quietly happy” something similar to contentment as opposed to ‘party happy’.

All of which is fabulous but also disturbing at the same time, as most of the time I don’t feel happy. It’s not that I am unhappy but more that other emotions are more prominent like stress or anxiety – both of which usually relate to what is happening next.

So to find that I am happy in my own company, is great but how can I bring that more into the rest of my life? Well that is something for me to think about over the next week or two. I have, and still do, love “Happy” by Will Pharrell so I have included one of my favourite versions by Walk off the Earth, below. 

So “who are you when no one else is looking?”




  1. That’s wonderful thing to contemplate!
    I believe, I know the importance of this , I am good human being when I am alone and no one is watching !


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