Boys Night – Valentine’s Day

It’s a Thursday night, which means that it is ‘boys night out’, so off hubby goes to Lichfield to meet up with his friend for a training session at the gym. Then they walk through the town, well technically it is a city as it has a cathedral, but it feels more like a charming market town than a bustling city. Wandering towards their favourite curry house (Indian restaurant to you and me) they comment to each other  about how busy the town is for a Thursday night in mid February.

They enter the curry house to be greeted by the owner, who they know well as this is their regular haunt, he has a perplexed smile on this face.
Have you booked a table? He asks them.
No, why would we do that, we never book a table, it’s a Thursday night?

They slowly look round the room to see identical tables, all with single red roses, occupied by identikit couples gazing longingly at each other.
Then, and only then, do they realise that it is Valentines Day!

So they ordered a takeaway, made a sharp exit and are still chuckling to themselves the next day 🙂


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