Fragrant memories

Whilst mulling over which onions to buy in the local supermarket, someone walked passed me and their smell or should I say aroma transported me immediate back to my childhood.

The person in question was an elderly gentleman who obviously had been smoking cigars, as they have a very distinctive and slightly sweet aroma, but it wasn’t just the cigars, I swear he was wearing the exact same aftershave as Grandpa had done all those years ago.

Grandpa - Cecil Mitchell, as I remember him.

Grandpa – Cecil Mitchell, as I remember him.

In one instance, in one inhalation of air I was momentarily in the presence of someone who had died thirty five years ago, and with it came all the memories of my childhood in the early 70’s. My grandparents had a three storey house in Woodville Gardens, Ealing, where they lived on the first and second floors and some of their 4 children lived in the flat on the ground floor.

I remember being taken to watch cricket at the club over the road on summer Sunday’s whilst waiting for Sunday lunch which was usually Nana’s fabulous curry with assorted dishes of pickles, desiccated coconut, and the like. After lunch Grandpa would sit in his favourite arm chair in their elegant but creatively styled lounge (Nana was an artist) and he would smoke a cigar before falling asleep, at which point the rest of the family would disappear into the the kitchen or the garden.

Sanderson 'Arundel' fabric 1960s

Sanderson ‘Arundel’ fabric 1960s

My sister and I still have the huge floor to ceiling curtains from their lounge – made from bright, bold and colourful 1960s Sanderson ‘Arundel’ fabric, reminiscent of a vibrant decade.


What sights, sounds and smells transport you back to your childhood?

Making it real

Sometimes we come across something totally at random and have no idea from where it came. This happened for me with this YouTube clip, about creativity, reality and habits. It is fascinating seeing someone articulate what I know to be true through experience, but that I didn’t understand how beneficial it could be. While Chris is initially talking in relation to creativity within business, there is so much to be applied that will enrich all aspects of our lives.

Take a look, it’s fascinating.

Boys Night – Valentine’s Day

It’s a Thursday night, which means that it is ‘boys night out’, so off hubby goes to Lichfield to meet up with his friend for a training session at the gym. Then they walk through the town, well technically it is a city as it has a cathedral, but it feels more like a charming market town than a bustling city. Wandering towards their favourite curry house (Indian restaurant to you and me) they comment to each other  about how busy the town is for a Thursday night in mid February.

They enter the curry house to be greeted by the owner, who they know well as this is their regular haunt, he has a perplexed smile on this face.
Have you booked a table? He asks them.
No, why would we do that, we never book a table, it’s a Thursday night?

They slowly look round the room to see identical tables, all with single red roses, occupied by identikit couples gazing longingly at each other.
Then, and only then, do they realise that it is Valentines Day!

So they ordered a takeaway, made a sharp exit and are still chuckling to themselves the next day 🙂

Un posted excuses

I am beginning to wonder what is going on. I was so inspired both during and after doing the Blogging 101 course that I planned to be posting a very realistic twice a week, or so I thought. But this hasn’t happened and I have been reflecting on what has been going on.

Putting the rest of my life aside, two things seem to have happened:

Firstly when I am inspired I start writing, maybe jotting down a few notes here and there in notebooks, on my phone or even more shockingly in WordPress itself! More often than not this happens between 3 and 4am, so whilst inspire I know that I need to get back to bed and sleep. And, that is where it ends, I have about a dozen unfinished posts, and 6 incomplete pages to add to my blog.

This is all quite fascinating for me as usually I am a list person, in fact I  get given List Books as presents. I write lists of what I need to do and buy and then work my way though them, which I love and find wonderfully satisfying and it saves my little brain from having to remember much.  But this writing lark is oh so very different, there are  ideas, topics, words, phrases, sentences, occassionally paragraphs and rarely a post. So over the next month I am going to endeavour to actually complete my unfinished posts.

Secondly, is photos. I like having a photo to go with my post, which is fine and dandy if I have taken it myself which is then super easy to upload. But trying to embed a photo has totally floored me. I have been using Getty to find images which is slow, due to my connection but is awash with fabulous photos. However despite reading and following the instructions many many times either I can’t copy the link, which I think is a device issue or if I use a regular computer I can copy the link but when I paste it I just get a sting of code and no image.  So over the next month I am either going to be taking loads of photos myself, which could be interesting, or just posting without them.


The write time

3am awake, wide awake

no thoughts, no worries mate

fumbling darkness

slippers, pjs, glasses found

hush, hubby sleeping on

downstairs to kettle boiling

kitchen table, notebook, pen

reminiscing time pre glowing screens

connections, thoughts, ideas flowing

occassional eloquence disconcerting

hours of no consequence, weekend dawning

cats are fed so back to bed

snuggling up sleep returns

hubby still undisturbed




Nature speaking

Every now and again, something stops me in my tracks and I take a moment to observe the world. Or rather our world, our planet – earth.


It never ceases to amaze me what the earth provides for us; everything single items we possess, every morsel we eat, all that we wear, the places in which we live, the air we breath. Every single thing that we come into contact with, comes from this amazing planet.

And, it is not just what earth provides us now but the amazing fact that we are created from the elements of the earth, we too constitute water, air, heat, minerals etc.

We are made of, live upon, and utilise all that earth offers us.  We have the intelligence to be able to mine, meld, mould and transform all the resources around us for the benefit and profit of ourselves and others.

All that we are comes from the earth, all that we have comes from the earth, and in the blink of an eye we will return to it, not just as an individual but also as a species. We come and we will go and yet the earth will continue far beyond our comprehension as it has already done for billions of years, with or without us.

Thank you earth, where we would we be without you!!


Hello from the other side…

I just had an awful nights sleep, it took me ages to get to sleep and then I woke up 5 times during the night 😦
Each time I woke up there was a single lyric going though my head “hello from the other side”. The first couple of times I thought to myself I have been listening to too much Adele but by the 5th time I was being to think that someone was actually trying to contact me from ‘the other side’ whereever that is I have no idea! And at 5am I didn’t want to speak to anyone from any side!  Needless to say I woke up grumpy, not wanting to say ‘hello’ to anyone all day and removed Hello temporarily from my playlist.
I will be watching football tonight before I go to bed because there is absolutely no chance of that keeping me awake 😉

Poetic Inspiration

Poetry has never been my thing, as I have always been in too much of a rush to read it slowly, fully and with appreciation. But a few years ago I discovered a gorgeous little book of poetry that really captured my attention and heart. So much so, that I had to ration myself to reading just one poem a day, not wanting to get to the end.

This is one of the poems that I keep returning to I can’t articulate why, but I find it beautiful and optimistic.

If one were to tell an unborn child that
outside the womb there is a glorious world
with green fields and lush gardens
high mountains and vast seas, with a sky
lit by the sun and the moon, the unborn
would not believe such absurdity.
Still in the dark womb how could he imagine the indescribable majesty of this world?
In the same way, when the mystics speak of worlds
beyond scent and colour, the common man
deafened by greed and blinded by self-interest
cannot grasp their reality.

from Rumi’s Little Book of Life
The Garden of the Soul, the Heart, and the Spirit

RSVP – an introvert accepts!

RSVP – Those 4 letter always make me sigh, as they mean I have been invited to a party, which as an introvert I find challenging. It’s not that I don’t love and want to spend time with my family and friends, I do, but I would rather sit down and have a meal with them than finding myself in a room full of stranger who I am sure are lovely, but who I struggle to talk to. Yes, I do have a few standard questions that I use to open up conversations, but then I struggle to engage in general small talk. It has always been this way. 

Even as a child I remember when my parents had parties, I would spend most of my time in the kitchen, trying to look busy by checking what was cooking or making drinks, anything but actually having to socialise.

Yet it’s not about shyness, I have no problem if I go on a course or workshop by myself as straightaway there is a mutual interest that has drawn us all together and thus loads to talk about.

So when an invitation arrives, I will RSVP to accept and I go because I love my friends, and fortunately they know me well enough to accept my late arrival and early departure – for that is greatness of friendship – an acceptance of each other exactly as we are.

Daily Post RSVP