Hello from the other side…

I just had an awful nights sleep, it took me ages to get to sleep and then I woke up 5 times during the night đŸ˜¦
Each time I woke up there was a single lyric going though my head “hello from the other side”. The first couple of times I thought to myself I have been listening to too much Adele but by the 5th time I was being to think that someone was actually trying to contact me from ‘the other side’ whereever that is I have no idea! And at 5am I didn’t want to speak to anyone from any side!  Needless to say I woke up grumpy, not wanting to say ‘hello’ to anyone all day and removed Hello temporarily from my playlist.
I will be watching football tonight before I go to bed because there is absolutely no chance of that keeping me awake đŸ˜‰