Poetic Inspiration

Poetry has never been my thing, as I have always been in too much of a rush to read it slowly, fully and with appreciation. But a few years ago I discovered a gorgeous little book of poetry that really captured my attention and heart. So much so, that I had to ration myself to reading just one poem a day, not wanting to get to the end.

This is one of the poems that I keep returning to I can’t articulate why, but I find it beautiful and optimistic.

If one were to tell an unborn child that
outside the womb there is a glorious world
with green fields and lush gardens
high mountains and vast seas, with a sky
lit by the sun and the moon, the unborn
would not believe such absurdity.
Still in the dark womb how could he imagine the indescribable majesty of this world?
In the same way, when the mystics speak of worlds
beyond scent and colour, the common man
deafened by greed and blinded by self-interest
cannot grasp their reality.

from Rumi’s Little Book of Life
The Garden of the Soul, the Heart, and the Spirit

It’s never too late……..

The topics of the posts that I commented on as part of yesterday’s Blogging 101 assignment were; Perfectionism, Ageing, Letter Writing and Power, so I initially thought I would be clever and write a post about all 4 but that idea fortunately was just fleeting, as I realised that it would take me days.

Then I moved to’ perfectionism’ and thought no. I have spent far too much of my life wrestling with perfectionism just because my School reports usually read ‘must try harder’ or ‘could do better’ and therein lies not just perfectionism, but seriousness and a lack of confidence – not that I am bitter anymore!

I quite liked the the idea of writing a letter to my younger self, so during my 45 minute drive to work there was reflection, words, sentences, and much scribbling out, all in my head. Oddly enough it all seemed a bit belated.

But what about writing a letter from my older self to me now? Now that I am liking, that is what I want to know. And all of a sudden there it was, I had just walked into a workshop to collect some signage for work and there was a fabulous sign;

“It is never too late to be who you might have been”

This totally nailed it for me. The joy and the freedom of knowing, that it is never too late, I walked out of the workshop, feeling invincible.

So thank you to those who have inspired me: The Apprentice, The Personal Blog of Henry Jones, Blog of Sharmin and WanderLaur