Un posted excuses

I am beginning to wonder what is going on. I was so inspired both during and after doing the Blogging 101 course that I planned to be posting a very realistic twice a week, or so I thought. But this hasn’t happened and I have been reflecting on what has been going on.

Putting the rest of my life aside, two things seem to have happened:

Firstly when I am inspired I start writing, maybe jotting down a few notes here and there in notebooks, on my phone or even more shockingly in WordPress itself! More often than not this happens between 3 and 4am, so whilst inspire I know that I need to get back to bed and sleep. And, that is where it ends, I have about a dozen unfinished posts, and 6 incomplete pages to add to my blog.

This is all quite fascinating for me as usually I am a list person, in fact I  get given List Books as presents. I write lists of what I need to do and buy and then work my way though them, which I love and find wonderfully satisfying and it saves my little brain from having to remember much.  But this writing lark is oh so very different, there are  ideas, topics, words, phrases, sentences, occassionally paragraphs and rarely a post. So over the next month I am going to endeavour to actually complete my unfinished posts.

Secondly, is photos. I like having a photo to go with my post, which is fine and dandy if I have taken it myself which is then super easy to upload. But trying to embed a photo has totally floored me. I have been using Getty to find images which is slow, due to my connection but is awash with fabulous photos. However despite reading and following the instructions many many times either I can’t copy the link, which I think is a device issue or if I use a regular computer I can copy the link but when I paste it I just get a sting of code and no image.  So over the next month I am either going to be taking loads of photos myself, which could be interesting, or just posting without them.


Calm before the big Ho Ho Ho

It’s 2 days before Christmas and I have been feeling very relaxed this week, so relaxed that I am beginning to think I must have forgotten something. I have double checked my various lists. I love lists so much that last Birthday both my hubby and sister bought me different List books as presents, and sadly I couldn’t have been happier 🙂

Anyway back to the present so the few last minute things I have to do are:

  1. Make a cracker, I am one short and have no intention of buying a whole box, so I have saved a party hat from the works Christmas party and with hindsight I should have saved the joke and gift too, but hey.
  2. Decorate the cake which I made in September and that hubby has been feeding with brandy ever since, which is less cake and more fruit stuck together with alcohol.
  3. Collect a tray of outrageously delicious chocolate brownies and antibiotics, ooh written like that I could be on to the next best thing – antibiotic chocolate brownies – that just has to be a winner!!
  4. Consider table decorations, I say consider because what would actually fit on the table with all the food – absolutely nothing!! As it is the vegetables are usually balanced on the window cill. Really who has space for table decs?
  5. Find all the presents that I have wrapped; last time I found one in March that I had forgotten. Already I have managed to buy hubby 2 Christmas cards because I forgot I had bought one in October. Need to write another list 🙂

Dad is bringing the turkey, stuffing, gravy, sausages in bacon and a nut roast which will all be fantastic if he remembers. At a family reunion he forgot the meat but bought extra cheese instead. Which if combined with any ‘substitutions’ to the grocery order I placed in October for delivery Christmas eve, could mean that we will be having the most creative Christmas lunch ever 🙂